Improve performance of React Server Side Render by warming up service


We’re using ElasticBeanstalk Blue/Green deployment by swapping DNS, and in front of the deployed services, there’s a company level Nginx to forward requests to different services.
The TTL of DNS entry set to 1 minute, and Nginx will cache the resolved name entries until it expired. Each time after we deploy, all the requests hit the new environment after the DNS cache expired in Nginx.

React Server Render time without warming up

The response time increases a lot in the following a couple of minutes and becomes stable after 5 minutes. Because the response time impacted by upstream services, it’s better to analyze and improve react server render time which is a sync method call and not involve IO operations.

Here’s the initial reactServerRender time for Home Page and Search Result Page:

For the Home page, it took 2-3 minutes for the reactRender time reduced from 450 – 550 ms to 120 ms

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