Backup WordPress to Version Control Automatically

I migrated my WordPress blog to a VPS hosting recently, and after that, the first thing that came to my mind was: Backup.

There were a lot of similar posts on the Internet, but what I found was not good enough for me, so I wrote what I did in this article to help people who want to do the similar things. It would be great if you have better ideas and please feel free to let me know.

The following scripts had been tested on: Ubuntu 13.04 and MySQL 5.5. The directory and scripts may need to be changed for different Linux distributions.

The Problem

First, we need to answer the questions: what do we want to backup, what do not, and where to save the backup.

What do we want to backup? everything not from the setup, which includes:

  • Posts, Pages and Comments. They are the most important things that we want to backup.
  • Uploaded Media Files. They are the same important with the posts/pages.
  • The Installed Themes and Plugins. I don’t want to search, install, and customize them again, especially the colors.

Ok, that’s sounds reasonable, but is there anything you don’t want to backup? Continue reading “Backup WordPress to Version Control Automatically”